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Black Angus Beef

Ebony Black Angus

Ebony Black Angus is proudly brought to you by Kilcoy Pastoral Company, a name respected for delivering premium quality, grain-fed beef to the world. Produced from carefully selected prime quality Black Angus Cattle – one of the oldest standing breeds of cattle – and grain finished for 100 days, Ebony Black Angus delivers a juicy, tender and flavorsome experience, with high marbling throughout to ensure premium eating quality. Consistent high performance across all markets validates a price premium against other brands of beef which are unable to capture the genetic profile of such an exceptional eatingexperience. Verified via National Vendor Declaration plus Phenotypical and Geno typical testing. 100% MSA Graded. Hormone Growth Promotant Free. Top 8% of Grain Fed MSA Graded Cattle Nationally.

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