Suma Gourmet arranged a chef's table at Atmosphere, Burj Khalifa

Last week, Dubai's most famous chefs were tasting our new Moriyama Full Blood Wagyu, when we arranged a chef's table for them in Atmosphere, Burj Khalifa.

Chef Eric Turgeon from Madinat Jumeirah. Chef Pavel Kazanowski from Zuma, Chef Ranu Irawan from Grosvenor House, Chef Mika Ueda from Kohantei, Chef Michael Hoepfl from Arts Club, Chef Dominic Petzold from Le Meridien and others.

Chef Eka from Atmosphere designed a very special menu based on our new Moriyama Full blood Wagyu Beef. The quality of the meat was exceptional and so was the overall experience.

The same tasting menu dinner was served to our top 10 private DXBBQ clients, together with chef James Knight-Pacero, to thank them for their loyalty and trust. The guests truly enjoyed the event. will launch the Moriyama Full Blood Wagyu burger next week to give other DXBBQ clients a chance to try this fabulous meat.

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