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fresh duck meat near me

Salima Duck

Duck meat possesses excellent nutritive and taste properties valued by customers. Dishes cooked from duck meat are found suitable for both regular family meals and fancy gala dinners and receptions. Duck meat contains all B class vitamins and numerous microelements. The content of vitamin A in duck is twice as high as in any other meat. This product is suitable for both adults and children.

 • High-quality product from Russian producer 

 • Specialty product: tender and moist meat with excellent taste 

 • Variety in foods on a daily basis to ensure positive emotions 

• Tasty, healthy, high-quality foods: enjoying haute cuisine at home

 ADVANTAGES OF DUCK MEAT ✓ ° Immune System Boost ✓ ° Bone Strengthening ✓ ° Mood Swings Inhibitor ✓ ° Improves Condition of Skin and Hair

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