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Russian Crab

Russian Crab Group is the largest in the Far East and one of the leading crab catching companies in Russia. We harvest environmentally clean wild crab in the cold waters of The Bering Sea, The Sea of Okhotsk and The Sea of Japan. Sustainability and transparent legal export are important work principles of Russian Crab Group. We carefully harvest the seafood and provide people around the world with gourmet products. Cooked-frozen crab is prepared and packed immediately after catch onboard the catching-processing vessel. Only seawater is used for cooking. Selected crab sections are boiled in seawater for 15–25 min depending on crab species, chilled and air blast frozen at -40 °C, then glazed with decontaminated seawater. Glaze is a thin ice crust evenly covering the sections surface, taking no more than 7 % of clusters weight. Such cooking technique allows to preserve taste, aroma and tenderness of crab meat as well as all its health benefits. Russian Crab cooked-frozen crab sections are produced in compliance with HACCP standards. The Company has applied for and started the process of MSC certification

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