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Hokkaido Japanese Wagyu

Hokkaido Japanese Wagyu Beef is 100% pure blood, Japanese Black Genetics, Grade A5 Marble Score 9+, 10+, and Certified Halal. 

The cattle are raised with extreme care in an environment surrounded by nature and water. The fresh air, water, high quality feeds and loving care makes the quality of the beef so high. This meat is distinctive from other types as the only kind to have fat with viscosity. The WAGYU have been carefully selected by experts to ensure the highest quality and a unique experience for the customers. 

To distinguish true Wagyu raised in Japan, the Wagyu Japanese Beef logo is used. It was decided upon by the Japan Livestock Industry Association and is affixed on Wagyu that was born and raised in Japan when being exported. Check for this logo as a way to verify the high quality of meat when ordering Japanese Wagyu.

Jade Pure Wagyu

Jade Pure Wagyu pure-bred pedigree wagyu is a world-renowned delicacy. Each precious Jade Pure Wagyu animal is raised in a select and elite herd, in the pristine grasslands of the Western Downs of Queensland. 

This prized and resource-rich area of Australia is known to produce some of the finest meat in the world. Jade Pure Wagyu is DNA verified, using pure-bred Japanese genetics. Every piece of Jade Wagyu is traceable, with each animal carefully raised and monitored throughout its entire lifecycle. Pristine pastures, resource-rich soil and meticulously curated feed ration ensure Jade Wagyu herds flourish in peak health and low stress. Our signature approach to care and the environment of our herd result in Jade Pure Wagyu’s incredibly complex yet delicate flavours, that blend perfectly to deliver a superior eating experience. 

A world-renowned delicacy, the luxurious Jade Pure Wagyu is highly sought-after, presenting a precious, limited-supply product for the most discerning diners.

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Wild River Wagyu 

From where the rivers run wild, It's purebred Wagyu! From its highly prized 8+ marbling score to the exquisite full mouth feel, this premium purebred Wagyu doesn’t just stand out from the crowd – it leads it. 

• Purebred Wagyu 

• 350+ days grainfed 

• HGP-free 

• 8+ marble score 

Superior marbling doesn’t happen by chance. It’s the culmination of highly focused expertise, advanced farming methods and precise nutrition. To achieve our 8+ marble score, Wild Rivers Purebred Wagyu are raised naturally on vast open pastures and finished for 350+ days on the most nutritious diet possible – a carefully balanced and nourishing custom blend of natural grains like wheat, corn and barley. With over 40 years experience, we control every step of the production process. At the forefront is our world-class animal welfare and husbandry practices, along with our commitment to never treat with hormone growth promotants. Our cattle are healthy, calm and cared for. And that’s reflected in the quality of our Wagyu. Try it for yourself.

Cabassi Wagyu

Cabassi originates from Queensland, Australia and has over the years grown a large competence in the field of wagyu breeds and breeding. Their high level of competence has resulted in several awards. The Genetics is F4 450 Days Grain Fed. What this means is that this bull has greater than 93% Wagyu genetic content. For example, this quality of product is the result of at least four generations of crossbreeding using a Wagyu fullblood sire and a crossbred Wagyu F3 dam.

 Cabassi offers The best quality Wagyu Beef. All of our products are MSA Graded, we go above and beyond with quality assurance by way of our advanced gene traceability system. Our mission is that we aim to provide premium products and excellent services to our customers.

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Carrara Wagyu

The name Carrara is inspired by intricate and feathery patterns found in Carrara marble – distinguished as the world’s finest. Similarly, our Wagyu is defined by an intense marbling achievable only through first-class genetics. Carrara 640 Wagyu is simply unparalleled. Carrara 640 elevates the buttery texture and delicate marbling synonymous with Wagyuto exceptional new heights. Carrara Wagyu won as 2019 Branded Beef in Royal Queensland – Food & Wine Show in Australia.